When choosing to create any policy that involves a third-party operator, one of the challenges cities and agencies face is measuring whether or not operators are in compliance with municipal regulations. Ensuring that policies and regulations are being adhered to is important, and where appropriate, we have included some potential compliance metrics. In light of the technical nature of compliance, the working group has largely left day-to-day operational compliance, like regulatory definitions of fleet size calculations, to partner organizations such as the SAE Mobility Data Collaborative, which recently published Data Sharing Glossary and Metrics for Shared Micromobility—a set of standardized compliance definitions to aid cities and operators in managing or complying with permit regulations. Along with this suggested guidance, cities and operators will need to work together to determine how to calculate compliance (such as decisions about including or excluding trips that only start, end, or pass through the service area or those with extra-short or extra-long durations that likely aren’t real trips) and should be agreed upon in advance of any deployment.